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    Holiday Party Makeup Trends

    By: Keisha Ramsay

    Red Lips
    Prism Glossy Gloss “Seductress” and Chanel Rouge Allure “Passion”:  Red lips are a classic and swiping on a red lippie is one of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate holiday glamour into your makeup looks.  Red lipstick/gloss is the one trend that never goes out of style.

     “Seductress” is a glossy longwearing classic red shade which compliments all skin tones and “Passion” is a breathtaking true red that can easily be worn from day into night. Both, in my opinion are the perfect accompaniment to that little black dress. 

    Tis the season for sequin dresses, sparkly shoes and most importantly, festive makeup!  Shimmery glowing skin, metallic eyelids, cat eyeliner and seductive red lips are what are on trend this holiday season.

    When thinking about what makeup products to add to your arsenal for your upcoming glamorous occasions, it can be a little overwhelming. So to assist in your party makeup choices I have put together some of my favourite glam-worthy products that are sure to add a little holiday magic into your makeup looks.

    Metallic Eyelids
    Maybelline Color Tattoo Metals:  Swiping on these gorgeous metallic shades of soft pink, “Inked Pink”, champagne, “Barely Branded”, gold, “Gold Rush”,  silver, “Silver Strike”  or navy blue “Electric Blue” is a sure way to stay on trend this season, not to mention a great way to add some glamour to your lids.

    These can be applied on its own for a sheer wash of shimmer, or layered underneath a sparkly shadow for a little more pizzazz.

    Glowing Skin
    Nars Highlighting Blush “Albatross” and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick “Rose Quartz”: There is nothing more stunning than highlighting products. Just a touch can really glam up any makeup look taking it from blah to wow!  “Albatross” has a beautiful whitish pale gold shimmer and “Rose Quartz” has a soft pinky bronze shimmery hue that looks fantastic on darker complexions. When these are applied to the cheek bones, under the brows and to the cupids bow of the lips, they instantly add a boost of radiance to your complexion.

    Cat Eyeliner
    Sophisticated, glamorous and edgy, bold cat liner has made a comeback this season.  This eyeliner style is a fantastic way to add a pop of drama and a dash of sultriness to your party looks not to mention that it is very versatile as it goes with any outfit and any occasion. For elegance and sophistication, pair your cat eyeliner with beautiful classic red lips or for bold edginess wear with a vampy lip shade.   Lime Crime gel liner in “Quill” has a glossy finish and a longwearing formula which is a  perfect combination for this time of year.
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    Party Time! How can you stay fit and healthy during the holiday season?

    By: Andrea "DRE'  Jackson

    Much like beginning a new workout regime, staying fit during the holiday season may seem like a tremendously difficult task. 

    Not only will there be temptations of delicious foods and treats, but the constant invites to parties and gatherings, wine consumption, eggnog etc may leave you with even less time to work off the delicious treats. 

    It is my opinion that surviving the holiday season is not as hard as we make it. If you follow 3 simple rules…you may even lose weight during this beautiful season.  My slogan for the holiday season (and life) is this:


    Decide who your accountability partner will be, even if just for the holiday season.Decide what your weekly workout schedule will be. On Sundays collaborate based on your individual work and party schedules. Office party at 12? Schedule an early morning session.

    This is a big one:
    Decide which parties you’ll indulge in and which you’ll pass on the second glass of wine and pastries.

    Commit to each other. Do not let each other stray – if so, you will lose the  purpose of an accountability partner. Encourage each other, motivate each other, be that positive voice for each other when temptations of skipping a session may come up.

    Commit to your weekly schedule. You’ve planned ahead, decided on your weekly schedule. Your partner is ready to go…so the old excuse of “I don’t have time” is null and void. You have time because you decided on a time. So commit to it.

    Commit to your party choice. Don’t stress either. If indeed you give in to indulging at a party you didn’t plan on, be mindful of what you’re eating, do not over indulge, remember your holiday goals and you will..

    Succeed. That’s pretty much it. Having made your decisions and committment you have no reason not to be successful. Make weekly tabs on how successful the two of you were. Use it to motivate yourself for the following week.

    This may seem so “cruel” to provide “guidelines” for anyone during the holiday season, after all it is the universal time for overindulging and enjoying yourself.

    However, if your goal is to maintain your weight and fitness or maybe even successfully lose weight or improve your fitness levels during the holiday season you need to commit to it and you will successful.
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